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We are proud to offer large scale 3D printing!

At Tecboy Labs, we specialize in the creation of highly accurate 3D printed parts, exact to your specifications. Our customers demand the highest quality, and with our large format 3D printer, we can deliver your items in nearly any size and color while utilizing various materials, such as carbon fiber infused nylon!
From small scale figurines to large parts for industry including but not limited to brackets and fixtues, we can design and 3D print it for you.
  If you have a part that you need created, a file that you downloaded or created yourself and don’t know how to get it printed, or even an idea and do not know how to proceed, please contact us as we can fabricate it for you!



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What You Can Expect

Full Customization

Your ideas become reality with projects made to your exact specifications.

The 3D Printer

Printer Images

3D Printer

The Results

3D Printing Project Examples

(3D Printed models, toys, game contoller replacement covers, props, etc.)

3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printed Prop
3D Printed Prop
3D Printed Prop - Brain
3D Printing

The Results


Project Progression Example

Large Part Time Lapse-1

Large Part Time Lapse-2

Large Part Time Lapse-3

Large Part Time Lapse-4

Large Part Time Lapse-5

Large Part Time Lapse-6

Large Part Time Lapse-7

Small and Large Applications

Not only is Tecboy Labs able to 3d print large sized objects, but we also have the capability to 3d print really super detailed parts utilizing our in-house resin printer. This works great for figures (such as board game figures and model Railroad accessories) along with jewelry castings and even dental models and molds.

Resin Model
Ring Prototypes
Wax Castable Ring Prototypes

Customer Reviews

What Customers Are Saying

Top notch work.  Excellent service.
Was able to produce a 3-D image on acrylic with just a picture!  End product was a gift that recipient loved!  Would definately go back to have more work produced.
Jeff S.

Buffalo, NY

Tecboy Labs, LLC    Buffalo, NY

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